We Need an Entrepreneur for Computer Printers

Posted July 18, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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The big printer companies, whether it be for inkjet or laser peripherals, seem to have adopted a business model where you replace your peripheral every year or two because:

- The nozzles are irreparably clogged
– It costs more to repair than to buy new
– The software does not work with your operating system or someone else’s
– The software has no useable features, it just takes up room on the hard drive and interferes with other programs
– The paper jams continually
– The scanner is so low resolution that it can’t scan well, including flat and three-dimensional objects (which means everything)
– The ink runs out too fast or is too costly
– It doesn’t work
– It never worked


So here’s my proposal: a NEW company that produces printers that last and have good software, not a bunch of extraneous bumph from third parties that wrecks the operating system. Many companies know there are problems with the software but sell it anyway. Give me software that works and has features but not extra crud that can’t do what I want.

Make it so I can clean the nozzles.
Make it so the scanner is decent


Yes, okay, you won’t have the money from sales of printers and ink sales to build a seven story office building in every major city in the world, with thousands of employees, but I know you’ll have extremely good sales, a profitable company, and interest from good engineers and designers. You’ll be the go-to company in innovation, the one with the plan.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T and word of mouth can drive sales to incredible heights and lead to more business opportunities and thus more money and sales.

All from one simple step of producing a printer that works.




Kwik Sew 3106: Finished Second Variation on View C

Posted July 8, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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I finally got this second nightie finished that I cut out in March.

I added 2.5 inches at the Lengthen/Shorten line of the pattern, and then I also added a ruffle to the bottom using leftover fabric on the straight grain. It’s slightly longer than the first nightie I made with this pattern and very comfortable.


I might make another one of these after I finish another project. I always feel so good when I finish projects that have been hanging around in pieces.

I want to make one or two of View B for the winter, but I am waiting for quilting flannel fabric to go on sale.



Added Ruffle On Sewn Nightie

Posted June 30, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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I made this nightie in March and it didn’t thrill me. It looked shapeless and was a bit short. I wore it for the first time yesterday and it is comfortable but when I sit down it rides up; I was constantly tugging it down.

Before cutting the second version I added some length to the pattern and I will also be adding a ruffle, so I decided to go back and add a ruffle to this first one, since it was bothering me to wear it as it was. Apart from the bonus of it covering me up properly, I think it makes it look feminine and not so shapeless to have the added ruffle.

I cut a piece of fabric 7 inches wide and after seaming and hemming it measure about an extra 5.5 inches. Perfect, I am happy I made the effort to modify it.


Kick Sew 3106, View C with a modified hem.



Crewel Intentions Coming My Way

Posted June 25, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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In the end, I just couldn’t stand not having this book. I have been crazy about Jacobean designs since I was a teenager. I would never have thought to approach working them in threads without the work of Hazel Blomkamp because I don’t like using wool in embroidery.

Years ago I used stranded wool Persian yarn for needlepoint and didn’t mind it, but I am so used to using cotton now and like the sheen and feel of it. As well, I do have some silk floss and silk twist threads that would be perfect for this.


Crewel Intentions by Hazel Blomkamp is the follow-up book to Crewel Twists which is a book I recently bought. Mary Corbet did a recent review of the new book and after looking at other pictures online I decided to buy it.

I don’t have the money for fancy silk and metallic threads or expensive beads and embellishments, but that’s where creativity come out in such art, you use what you have and make it interesting. The colours in this are wonderful combined with new patterns. I particularly like the checked patterns and variations.

Hazel also has some stumpwork in this, an art which I have never really liked, but some of the modern books do very nice things with flowers and bugs in stumpwork, so you never know. I ordered a book on inter-library loan by Jane Nicholas called Stumpwork Medieval Flora that I liked because I have several reproductions in my collection of books about illuminated manuscripts of the Book of Hours she was inspired by.


I’m not entirely sure I would have the patience for stumpwork but Jane does wonderful insects and has an entire book devoted to beetles which was very intriguing. She really does use obscure, expensive threads and metallic threads for her bugs so I was wary of buying books I might not use.

Thank goodness for libraries and inter-library loans, which so far are free if you are a library patron.



Did I Buy Another Book?

Posted June 18, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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Yes, I did buy another book, showing much restraint by not buying two. Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners by Trish Burr was the book I ordered.


Yikes, old Trish has many books out it took me a while to decide. I did have one of her books on my wish list last year but decided against it, not sure if I would actually sit down and use these techniques.

After overhauling my floss palette though, I decided I had so many shades that I could do needle or thread painting without going out to buy a whack of supplies. I want to avoid having to buy yet another specialty supply or any fancy threads. I can’t keep up with that sort of thing either financially or emotionally; I don’t need anything!

What convinced me about this particular title was the birds. Coming in at the end of the book in the advanced section, I figured it was something to aim for. I have tons of bird drawings and flora that I could translate these techniques to. It’s another way of looking at things I’ve had in my mind for a while.


Water Containers, Brushes, Paper: Today’s Necessary Art Supplies

Posted June 14, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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I hadn’t intended to buy paper but they had big 11 x 15 sheets of Canson 140 lb. paper in a pad of thirty for only $10 and considering I have no large-sized paper to work on I figured it would be ideal for my book tutorials. It is a student grade paper but not bad for practice.

I bought some tubes of Van Gogh watercolour and some spritzer bottles for field work. The brushes are student grade but I bought a #14, #10, and a #8—I call these “big splodgers” or just “splodgers” and they are much larger than the brushes I have so I can put big splodges of watercolour wash down as instructed in my book tutorials.

The two big water containers are a bucket with two sections, a handle, holes for standing brushes upright, and the lid is a plastic palette; the other smaller one is a set of three nesting containers that snap together when taken apart and are nice and stable. No tipping with either one. I don’t know what it is, but if there’s a glass of water around, whether for drinking or for painting I inevitably knock it over, so this seemed like a good solution, particularly since I use at least two water containers when painting. (Click to enlarge.)


I was quite pleased with this, and feel I’m ready to go now. Of course I have to update my colour samples to show the new colours as I must have everything exact.

You’d probably never guess it from the supplies I have talked about on this blog, but I dislike shopping, and am relieved to be home. I have grown used to being isolated, yet I had a nice chat in the hardware store with a fellow who was buying a grass trimmer. I’d done online research on several sale models the night before and explained the limitations of the product he was looking at and some of the things to watch out for. It was nice to talk to a real person for a change but I do like to come home.



Always Something New To Do

Posted June 13, 2014 by JJ ColourArt
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I’m all over the place as usual.

Finding that I need some Cadmium Red for painting my tutorials, I have had to wait until this weekend to get to Curry’s to buy some. I’m also tired of knocking over glasses of water when I’m trying to paint, so I’m going to investigate some kind of water bucket with a flat bottom and compartments. They don’t have a great selection in little brush basins but they have a couple for about $6 to $7.

I have a few projects in mind and decided I needed a small boost in informational books. It’s hard to believe but I bought one more embroidery book. I liked this one because it is set up like a textbook where you follow each exercise chapter by chapter. Crewel Embroidery: A Practical Guide by Shelagh Amor has been ordered but will take a few weeks since it’s coming from Book Depository.


I am doing a small knit-along for a doll outfit for my Les Cheries doll Poppy.The first version of the top was too big and I’ve just finished the second one which looks like it will fit, so it’s on to the dungarees/shorts.

I like this because at the neckline I bound off in rib stitch as instructed but I mixed them up so instead of knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches I did the opposite. It gives it rather an eyelet-y look that I like. It seems to suit this shorter top.


Lots of plans, lots of dreams.



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