Pietersite Bug Eats Woman’s Imagination!

I have been designing this for many months, gathering stones and glass. It’s for a bead embroidery based on the photograph of a Giant Silk Moth that an artist friend gave me permission to use. I recently purchased two pietersite cabochons for earrings to go with the necklace, and you can see the pietersite beads, garnets, and handmade beads, that I already have.

Garnets have sentimental properties for me since my father gave my mother some garnets for their 40th wedding anniversary. I much prefer it to rubies myself. Pietersite is a beautiful stone with varied colour; it can be gold, grey/blue, sometimes a blush of red or rust, very interesting to work with, particularly for a designer who loves balancing and tying in colour as I do.

I am not often drawn to using earthy colours like this, but the moth has a touch of purple and red which picks up the palette. The pietersite cabochons are from China and have more of the gold (similar to tigereye) in them than my round beads.

This is going to be lovely and elegant when worked up. Some of my best ideas come from photographs of nature.


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