Reach for Creativity

I ordered a large cabochon of moss agate this week. I’ve had my eye on this gemstone because it looked challenging to design with and has a lovely plume, and I decided that the creative imperative could not be deferred. I plainly wanted to work with it because it was different and a bit odd.

It’s like looking at clouds: what is it, what does it look like, what does that shape suggest?

It reminds me of poplar, cypress, and maybe cedar trees. I have several card decks in my collection which depict such trees in artwork. Going through the Mystic Rubaiyat cards, which have wonderful original art by Penelope Cline, and the full text of Edward Fitzgerald’s first edition of the Rubaiyat, I was reminded of trees, Persian or Islamic design, poetry, literature, and it all seemed just right for this stone.


The moss agate also looks to have a spiritual element of reaching upward–expansive. I often call the Ace of Swords in tarot decks the “Reach” card and I like the plume for that reason as well.


Reach for a new idea, for a fresh infusion of creativity, for what you see in a cloud or a plume.

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2 Comments on “Reach for Creativity”

  1. Lunes Says:

    What a great interpretation for this wonderful stabilizing stone. I work a great deal with the powers of gemstones and I love moss agate. I often recommend it to clients who are pregnant as it helps to lessen pain during birth.
    Moss agate is a stone of new beginnings so I can see how it lends itself perfectly to new ideas and a fresh infusion of creativity.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with this stone…..Being a cabochon makes it easy for a setting but I think it needs releasing from something concrete. It needs to have freedom to move and allow you to grow with it.

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    Hi Kylee, thanks for your comments.

    Yes, I am greatly excited about working with this! I have some tree agate chips, but have never used moss agate.

    “New beginnings” is a great way of looking at it. Release–I was thinking of doing something very freeform, perhaps with some smaller aventurine cabochons or a lapis lazuli/malachite one I have. I bought several small cabs which are best suited to bead embroidery, but they need to go with something with more oomph.

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