Taming the Lion in Bead Embroidery

There is nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a project, particularly when it turns out as you had in mind, which is not always the case with artwork.

This bead embroidered necklace was inspired by a friend’s photograph of the plant Leonotis Leonurus which is commonly called Wild Dagga or Lion’s Ear. Nature chooses the perfect colour palette for me again. I’m fond of complementary triads and had to work with this as soon as I saw it.


I have made matching earrings and will be doing a copper clasp in wirework today and then it will be for sale.


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2 Comments on “Taming the Lion in Bead Embroidery”

  1. goodquillhunting Says:

    This is very pretty and fun!! It also fun to see where inspiration comes from!

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    Thanks, glad you liked it. I’ve got a new necklace display so will be able to get a proper picture of it for my web site I hope.

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