Grief, Cats, and Drawing

My cat Greenie died of kidney disease today after a 7-month struggle. I was in distress and decided I needed to do a project to honour the little fellow.

The last time one of my cats died I drew a mandala to help me cope. This time I decided to do up a cover for a watercolour sketchbook I haven’t used yet.

I did the sketch on blue Canson Mi-Teintes paper (he was a bluepoint Siamese), with graphite and white coloured pencil, and I collaged a bit to frame the cat oval. The background is a fancy paper I bought last fall called “Pocket Full of Green” so I figured that was a sign.

I printed the words “Pocket Full Of Green” on some handmade Japanese paper I had–full of little fibres and such, and cut out and collaged the words in the area beside the cat.

The idea is that the sketchbook will help me get outside of the house and do pen and ink and watercolour sketches in the garden. There is kind of a double meaning to “green” there: the cat’s name, and the garden.

Anyway, it’s helping me not get weepy today, and I know it will mean more as time goes on and I use the sketchbook.

I am pressing it overnight, then will glue it to the sketchbook cover and put some clear Contac paper over it all because it’s going to be used outside.


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One Response to Grief, Cats, and Drawing

  1. Lunes says:

    A wonderful tribute to a very special friend. I often think of Toffee my cat who was too old and ill to travel to France when we moved here. She spent her last few months blissfully happy on a neighbors farm. They bring us such joy but parting is so difficult.

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