Sketchbook Covers Multiply

I forgot I had two other sketchbooks, so after doing up the other one nicely I thought I’d give these some cover art.

The small one is recycled 65 lb paper–it’s one of the those tear out style sketchbooks–dangerous to buy since in ten years I’ve only kept two pictures in this. However, I want to use it up as it still has loads of paper, so I made a cover from scrap 140 lb watercolour paper and some collage. The lady in the hat is a gesso, watercolour, pen and ink exercise I did for fun last year that made it onto my business card as well. (She seems attracted to green-coloured projects and is overly fond of fuchsia in my opinion.) One image is an old computer collage I did about eight years ago with a teacup, and the others are tiny photocopies of Dover clip art that I painted with watercolour pencils.

It’s a fun cover, not too involved, I just wanted something perky for added interest. The existing cover was pretty raggedy and didn’t offer much protection either.


The other one was a large 9 x 12-inch sketchbook with a black vinyl cover that I rescued from being thrown out by a school student. Apart from three pages that I discarded because they were dirty, it’s perfectly fine and has 52 pages left that feel like 65 lb paper, so I am very happy to clean and revamp it.

I laid down some tape to constrain the odd-shaped outline, and did an abstract impasto base that is currently drying, sparkles and all. When in doubt, throw down some sparkles. It also has crumpled tissue paper for some added texture, but I didn’t want it too lumpy. I’m not sure how I’m going to paint this but it will be with acrylics. I think it looks interesting, and once painted, it will really pop out from the black vinyl background. Not bad for free.


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