Acrylic Painting on Sketchbook Cover

I realized as I painted this that the colour palette was similar to a fabric bag I painted (which still has to be sewn together and embellished.) I took a snap of them together. I generally like to do detailed illustration, so it’s fascinating to paint something like this and just let go of the idea of product and perfection and enjoy working with colour and smooshing it around.


I found the impasto sketchbook painting very easy to overwork, so I left it finally as it was. Most of the sparkles were covered by paint and thus became part of the texture, but there are a few odd ones peeking out down the left side.

The background was painted to look like our galaxy, so maybe I could call this Galaxy Floral or Green Galaxy or Stellar Floral. Or perhaps I could call it The Blobby Flowers from Galaxy J21 That Ate Humans One Day in Spring.

You just never know when an appropriate title has been reached.


p.s. My husband thinks this looks like flowers floating in a stream, which reminds me of the John Everett Millais painting Ophelia. Perhaps I should title it Ophelia’s Wildflower Galaxy?

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