Nigel Jackson and Medieval Art

I received the Nigel Jackson Tarot in the mail today; I finally ordered it because I love the medieval flavour of his artwork. The 3 of Coins is my favourite card from this deck as I have a passionate interest in medieval manuscripts and their art and calligraphy.


Some books from my small library on the subject:

The Illuminated Page : Ten Centuries of Manuscript Painting by Janet Backhouse
Codices Illustres/Masterpieces of Illumination by Ingo F. Walther and Norbert Wolf
Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work by Jonathan J. G. Alexander
History of Illuminated Manuscript by Christopher De Hamel
Western European Illuminated Manuscripts by Tamara Voronova and Andrei Streligov
Mirror in Parchment : The Luttrell Psalter and the Making of Medieval England by Michael Camille
Medieval Rural Life in the Luttrell Psalter by Janet Backhouse
Medieval Birds in the Sherborne Missal by Janet Backhouse
Medieval Dress and Fashion by Margaret Scott (Analysis based on paintings in illuminated manuscripts.)

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