Botanical Cards

I realized how many botanical themed decks I own and how beautiful they are while “rooting” through my collection to gather books to enter in my database.

Here are a few:

1) The Herbal Tarot – this is a demo deck I bought from a tarot store. There were holes punched through the cards so it could be hung on a chain, which generally doesn’t bother me, but on this deck some of the titles were cut out. This lovely card depicts Lemon Balm which I have in my garden, it smells and tastes great. I bought several paperbacks on herbs when I first rescued this deck.

2) The Flower Speaks – this is a special type of card from the deck, but it’s my favourite. The deck uses flower essences for healing, but the kit that corresponds to the flowers in the deck costs about $200 USD, so I only use the deck visually which is a treat as I love the artwork.

3) Nature’s Pharmacy Deck – one of the great decks published by Chronicle Books. This features botanical illustrations from the collection of the New York Botanical Garden with comprehensive textual information on the back of each card. This is horseradish–I have four horseradish plants in the vegetable garden which I vow to take some roots from this year.

4) Victorian Flower Oracle – uses the artwork of J.J. Grandville, a famous 19th century illustrator. I have both poppies and cornflowers in my garden, they are such easy plants to grow and so pretty in the summer months.

5) This is one of the wonderful Knowledge Cards by Pomegranate Publishing. It features art from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. The saucer in the photograph has nandina, peach, and narcissus with quails.

6) Tarot des Fleurs has more gorgeous botanical illustrations and information about plants. It seems very French and elegant to me. I have two types of lavender in my garden, French and English, and for 20 years I have forgotten to pick and dry them and make potpourri.

7) The Genius of Nature Playing Cards – a nice little deck published by Piatnik with images from the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge.

This is why I like card decks, you can haul them out and mix and match and learn all kinds of things from them. I also like rescuing decks that other people might not want, I can always find something to do with them creatively. I did a wonderful poem and collage with one of The Flower Speaks cards and a word I picked at random from the dictionary. The word was “inshore,” and you can’t beat that for a spontaneous writing exercise.


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2 Comments on “Botanical Cards”

  1. Lunes Says:

    Wow Judith I am amazed by your tarot card collection.
    Do you do readings as well for other people? I am amazed how you can use them to create art….wonderful & inspirational.

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    I’ve never done a reading in person, but occasionally do them successfully online. I sometimes do readings with a bundle of 200 postcards I bought from Pomegranate–lovely art on those.

    Yes, I have quite a collection of various types of cards, including 45 playing cards, which are also very interesting.

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