New Cabochons

I’ve just ordered two new cabochons.

I’ve been looking for one of eudialyte as I love the vibrant colour. Wikipedia has this information: the name Eudialyte comes from the Greek eu and dialytos meaning “well decomposable,” and the name refers to its easy solubility in acid. Eudialyte is fairly rare and specific to a few locations–mine comes from Mont Saint-Hilaire in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Here’s a snap of it in its raw state and the cabochon I bought which is about 33×22 mm.


I then found this Koroit Boulder Opal while browsing and thought it would tell a lovely story; I often like to have a story to design my jewellery pieces.

When I looked the stone up I found that it is called “Picture Stone Opal” or “Aboriginal Art Stone Opal” as well. The one I bought was mined in the Koroit Boulder Opal fields in Queensland, Australia and is about 33×18 mm. So, I’m not the only one who sees a story in these stones. One website referred to them as “…amazing natural artworks, with brilliant colours and fantastic patterns.”


I can build exotic bead embroideries around them with my own inventive stories. I can’t wait to see what spontaneous ideas occur.

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