What Do We Really Know About Barn Owls?

Yeah, well there is the pressing question!

I bought a new card deck called Tarot of Reincarnation which is a silly name since it’s really a themed and fully illustrated deck for the game of tarock, and seems to have nothing to do with reincarnation other than a marketing ploy. I bought it for the lovely illustrations of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles and amphibians–my kind of thing since I like natural history.

The coloured illustrations are set against black and white engravings of habitat. In the little booklet that comes with the deck, some of the subjects are identified fairly broadly. For instance, one is described as a “little owl” when it is really a barn owl as I found out.

A friend suggested that we could study this a bit, and I wanted to more specifically identify the cards and do some research on the animals. He started with the Swordfish on the 2 of Hearts, and I’m doing the Barn Owl on the II High Priestess card.

As a long term study this has possibilities. I love learning, and my favourite decks tend to have illustrations rather than painterly scenes.


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