Reading and Working in Increments

As well as doing the study of animals with the Tarot of Reincarnation (currently doing the write-ups on the Golden Eagle, Blackbird, and Cobra), I’m entering decks in my database like mad. So far I have 155 entered. It goes pretty fast, but like everything else in life I find the inclination comes and goes. This is when I do things in increments.

I started using increments in January 2005 when reading a large 1,000-page book called Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson with an online reading group. I made a firm commitment to read it within a certain time, and had a system set up to read 30 pages a day, complete with a piece of paper for tracking this, so that I would finish it and be able to post an adequate review. I didn’t always read that many pages, but then sometimes I’d read 80 pages a day, so it averaged out. I labelled this system “Incremental Pagination,” which is my little joke as I like to create systems and name them.

However, it works, and it works with anything you put your mind to. Perfectionism is a crippling negative for me, but with this incremental system I work steadily and don’t get hung up with worry and procrastination.

I really must tackle that 700-page biography of J.P. Morgan that I started last Fall. I made a special bookmark for that, with a collage of relevant items and photographs, so I’m ready to go, I simply have to get these income taxes done in a few daily increments of systematic . . . . .


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