Explore Life and Learning With Cards

It occurred to me that there is an entire segment of people who don’t collect cards. I started buying tarot decks because I loved the artwork and I found the archetypes and symbolism interesting to work with in both writing and art. It didn’t take me long to find other gems of card decks, including playing cards and decks on leadership, meditation, and personal development.

I made up a small list of cards from my collection that are a bit different. These can all be used for creative writing exercises or for drawing a daily card. You can combine them, mix them up, mix them up with words from the dictionary or books or magazines and be creative. I’ve used them as impetus for artwork by choosing my palette from the colours in a card, or by using the symbolism in my own art, or simply by exploring a subject and buying attendant books and looking information up online.

A card deck doesn’t have to be labelled as a meditative deck to be used for meditation or to do a bit of daily learning on a new subject. You don’t have to be a tarot reader or get involved with the occult or be a spooky Goth weirdo. Cards are what you make them, what effort you put into using them productively and enjoyably to perk up your life, personal growth, and creativity.

I Ching of Love – ISBN: 0738700290
Tao Oracle (boxed set cards and book-I Ching) – ISBN: 0312269986
Dreaming in Color Luman Deck (Gorgeous fractal/digital art and keywords for meditation) – http://www.dreamingincolor.us/
The Gita Deck (Indian art with meditations from the Bhagavad Gita) – ISBN: 1886069808
Innovative Whack Pack – ISBN: 157281442X
Relax Deck: 50 Meditations – ISBN: 0811825973
Perfect Calm Deck: 50 Exercises to Soothe Mind and Body – ISBN: 0811833275
The Compass of Fate (Printable web-based Mah Jongg deck) – http://www.angelfire.com/alt2/robertkalin/tcof.html
The Four Agreements Cards – ISBN: 1561708771
Language of Letting Go Cards – ISBN: 1401903479
Patton on Leadership Cards – ISBN: 1572812486
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Cards – ISBN: 1401901166
The Power of Intention Cards – ISBN: 1401902839
Nature’s Pharmacy Deck – ISBN: 0811834468
Sacred Geometry Oracle (Francene Hart) Card and book set – ISBN: 1879181738
Faeries’ Oracle (Froud) Card and Book set – ISBN: 0743201116
Ocean Oracle – ISBN: 158270113X Great photographs of shells on 200 cards for meditation
Voices of Saints – ISBN: 0738706108
The Saint Deck – http://www.saintdeck.com/
Zerner Farber Tarot РISBN: 1572810734 Beautiful appliqu̩ and quilting used to depict archetypal imagery.
Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot – ISBN: 1572811951 Good fun exploring the human condition. I found this wonderful for inspiring creative fiction about the characters.
Golden Tarot of Klimt – ISBN: 0738707902 Elegant gold foil on the cards and renditions of Klimt’s artwork; buy an art book to go with this and explore a card a day.

Any of the Knowledge Cards by Pomegranate Publishing. Try this site to see a selection: http://pomegranate.ecomm-search.com/search?query=knowledge&x=0&y=0

I often draw a Knowledge Card with a tarot card to zoom a little extra meaning into an interpretation used as a jumping-off point for writing poetry. Go on, see how wine varietals mix with the King of Swords in a sonnet!




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