Moths, Bead Embroidery, and a New Necklace Series

The last two bead embroideries I did and have for sale on my web site are based on inserts of silk fabric with broad frames of seed beads enclosing the main motif. I wanted to experiment with that as I’ve never seen anyone do it.

I am now starting a series I’ve been planning for months of five necklaces done with cabochons I made myself and my handmade beads in abstract designs. Two of them will have silk ribbon embroidery, and feature a mandala and a Chinese peony design respectively, and one has a hand painted bone lizard and circles of coloured and painted designs. Two others feature moths–one a silk moth and this current one features a South American moth and several designs by an artist friend of mine gave me permission to use.

I prefer to mix embroidery with stringing to pull together something artsy that is more suitable for people to wear on all occasions. I like to make things by hand or dye and paint them to get what I want. This one is going to have many strings of beads through Bali silver caps. Very abstract, full of movement and texture and colour. I’m using mostly size 11 beads on the embroidery so that I can do subtle shading to suggest iridescence.

Oh, and Robert E. Lee says a small bit of fringe is enough for a lady.


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