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I found a copy of a wonderful Taschen publication with images from the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute. It goes from the 18th century into the 20th century. While the latter is silly in spots with costumes that no one would actually wear, it does have detailed photographs of all periods that are gorgeous.

Taschen had a special price on this for two massive art books in a slipcased edition–only $42 CAD. They weigh a lot, the women at the post office laughed at my husband when he picked up yet another book for me, and a whopper at that.

Remember, red is never out of style!


I couldn’t get hold of two Victoria and Albert publications on fashion that are out-of-print, but I did manage to get the third volume in the V & A series: Dress in Detail from Around the World by Rosemary Crill which is very interesting.

I don’t do tailoring and fitting of clothes, I’m an embellishment person who loves handwork like appliqué, embroidery with silk ribbon and thread, and beading, but these books are full of details and inspiration.

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2 Comments on “Fashion Books”

  1. antigenre Says:

    Neat! I’ve heard that the Kyoto Costume Institute has an amazing collection – I’ll have to check out the book now:)

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    These are the two other V & A books in case you haven’t seen them:

    1) Fashion in Detail: From the 17th and 18th Centuries

    I got this from the library. Excellent. Wish I could buy it but it’s out of print.

    2) Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail

    I haven’t seen this but judging by the other two in the series it’s excellent. Also out of print unfortunately.

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