Postcards as Art Oracles

I have found card decks to be disappointing recently, because I feel there is a lack of depth in publishing. Everybody and their sister is slapping together collage decks by appropriating the art of other people (legal or not, I consider this a poor show), and people are repeating themselves with meanings from supposed experts.

I now prefer do my own writing and analysis, and use random art cards.

So, I decided to beef up and reorganize my Postcard Oracle. This was originally a bundle of 200 postcards that I got on sale from Pomegranate Publishing. I “read” with it for other people, and I like it better than a regularized tarot deck. It’s also nice to pull out a card and look up the artist and browse their other work online or in books.

I’ve split the bundle up into one oracle with black and white photos, and one with full-colour artwork or line drawings, and they each have about 100 cards in them.

I discovered a few artsy postcard books at that I liked and ordered them to go into the artwork postcards.

I bought two Dover collections of 24 postcards each:

1) Erte Postcards in Full Color
2) Lindner Paintings Postcards

One book by Prestel Publishing:

3) Salvador Dali Postcard Book (30 cards)

Then I found this marvelous book of old postcards of New York with literary quotes. This is REALLY up my alley: illustration and writers and their thoughts on the world. Perfect.

4) New York in Words & Images (20 cards)

I have an informal collection of Japanese art in several books and clip art collections, and I also have the same for Art Nouveau information, so I liked the look of these cards:

5) Art Of The Japanese Postcard: 30 Postcards: Art Nouveau (30 cards)

I also saw some cards that I’d like to make into their own oracle, and it would go nicely with my Nature’s Pharmacy deck from Chronicle Books that reproduces old botanical prints.They are botanical collections/postage stamps on postcards by Helen Buttfield published by Stewart, Tabori, & Chang or Harry N. Abrams–both respected art publishers–so the presentation and quality is fabulous.


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