Madden Me Copper, My Hands Search for Warmth

Unfortunately I am out of 20-gauge copper wire and that is of course what I need to continue on a necklace I started.

I ordered some copper wire, and while there I ordered some nylon jaw pliers for working with wire, plus another pendant to use with some handmade beads I made with Mehndi designs.

The current necklace is based on a green jasper pendant and some handmade beads I made to match with hand painted iridescent copper accents. I have some unakite and snakeskin jasper and possibly some ocean jasper I’m going to use with it with several types of copper beads. I haven’t quite pulled it together because I need to do some wirework on the pendant and see that first before designing the rest of it, AND I don’t have the right size of wire.

It’s maddening, I’m stopped in my tracks, so I’ll have to go back to bead embroidery for a couple of weeks.

When it warms up I move to an old wooden table on the sunporch (which isn’t winterized) so that is great as it has huge windows out to the garden and I can hear the birds.

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2 Comments on “Madden Me Copper, My Hands Search for Warmth”

  1. Lunes Says:

    Wow I love the handmade beads – a perfect match to the pendant.

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    I like handmade beads so that I can get the colours and patterns just the way I want them for a design.

    People think you just throw paper beads together. Hah, these took me 16 hours to make as they are painted with accents and varnished with four coats of varnish.

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