Compare Cards Periodically

I bought the mini kit of The Answer Deck last week, and as I was going through the cards, one card looked familiar to me. I have a similar card in the beautiful Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, so I took a scan of them together. One of the things I find with my collection is that a card from one deck will trigger a memory of another which is fun.

I also ordered an unusual oracle deck today called the Elemental Hexagons. It uses elements from the periodic table in an unusual way, and I still have my periodic table from school, which is out of date but since she used the elements that were first discovered, my table has them.

When I get this deck I’d like to find images related to the uses and discovery of each element as I enjoy the history of science, and then I might do some of my own art or writing to explore the deck and use it. It’s so nice to see something different in decks and someone making an effort to create a fresh system instead of copying what has come before on cards.

I took a snap of that with some of my new botanical postcards. The periodic table is very excited to be out if its storage box. It apparently is interested in scientific illustrations of foxgloves.

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