Computers and Other Junk

I’ve spent all week dealing with failed electricity, water problems from the well, and computer problems. It was not a great experience. Seven hours and two days later I’ve got my computer running smoothly again with a different anti-virus program and a freshly reinstalled and operational Microsoft .NET framework.

I bought some patterns and a book for making handbags as I desperately need one, and I am planning several of those plus some small quilts in an effort to use up my gorgeous piles of brand new quilting fabric, collected over 24 years.

The book is called Making Vintage Bags: 20 Original Sewing Patterns for Vintage Bags and Purses and seems to have some classic designs that you could do up in very creative ways with fabric.

I can never find a decent handbag–I’ve been carrying around a Granny purse for years–one with cream vinyl and a tapestry fabric insert. Frumpy!!! I’ve got to get hip and sew some bags with some style at least. It’s pretty embarrassing, I’m almost afraid to show you.


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