Bookmarks for Spring

I usually make myself digital bookmarks, but occasionally I will do a few up with paper collage. These two latest ones are nice for Spring with leaves and flowers. I recently bought some lovely Bazzill textured cardstock in various solid colours, so I used that for the base and collaged with scrapbooking and Japanese paper on top and finished with copper eyelets and some fancy yarn.

When I bought postcard books for my collection in the last few weeks, I saved the covers after I’d removed the cards, and trimmed them to use as bookmarks. I did this with some outer cardboard boxes for card decks as well. The spines and graphics on box covers make great bookmarks. I don’t have room to save the large boxes so I either adapt them for a tuckbox for the deck or make bookmarks from them. I also use greeting cards and cut them up for bookmarks–some of them are too pretty to discard.

My bookmarks are kept on a ledge in an old wooden chest that also houses my quilt books and magazines. They seem to like it there, and I can reach in for a lucky dip when I need one for a new book.

The idea is to match the colours or theme on the book cover to an appropriate bookmark. It’s an exciting life!

And later today I got the urge to make a digital one with a lovely photograph my husband took of some pansies. My mother always planted pansies in the wooden barrels we had on our porch at home, so every Spring my husband plants them for me. The quote is from a Frank O’Hara poem called Animals that I am fond of. I forgot to put Frank’s name under the quote unfortunately. This was backed with some deep orange paper and then I enfolded it in Contac paper. My husband’s going to use it for some new books he got out of the library to read.

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One Response to Bookmarks for Spring

  1. Lunes says:

    Love the bookmarks – Manon always manages to suck the ends of mine!
    Have you noticed you have been tagged Judith – have a look at my blog! Kylee

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