Wonder Wallet Completed

I finished the Wonder Wallet by Lazy Girl Designs today and was quite pleased. Apart from the lovely batik for the cover, the rest of the fabrics were ones I had overdyed to try and bring up to date, so I didn’t use anything fancy but it turned out nice anyway. I kept thinking I should have made the effort to embellish it, but I actually like it fairly plain so that the button stands out.

Here is a ubiquitous photo of the inside. I think we all like to show how you can cram stuff in there. It’s amazingly light, which I like because my other wallet is a large leather one with a brass clasp and is very heavy. And yes, the coins really don’t fall out when the wallet is closed, I had to see it myself to believe it.

My big thrill was discovering that I could fill the bottom pocket with business cards. I always meant to sew myself a business card case but this is better.

Next up is the Yin Yang bag by Jamie Kalvestran of Scrap Bags. I have my fabrics picked for that, so might putter and do some cutting later. I am skeptical that this bag will go together as easily as the designer says. If I can pull it off it will be very neat looking, very artsy, so I’m keen to try.

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