Does Rue Need a Friend?

Every doll needs a friend. While not having the money, I was pondering what kind of companion doll I would get for Rue. I seem to be leaning toward a doll with a kicky, modern hairdo and preferably red hair.

I love dolls with red hair; two of my French bébé dolls have dark red hair. Morag is on the left in the plaid dress (which was taken from another doll for the picture as poor Morag came in one of those dreadfully overdone polyester satin and nylon lace jobs; it was so bad I had to discard it.) I have had a lovely deep blue fabric for Morag to make her an antique coat dress with hand-dyed silk ribbon embroidery and a cording detail but so far haven’t got around to it. Maybe sewing for Rue will kickstart that project again? I also have a lovely china head doll I bought the head, legs and arms for and then made the body myself, called Tizzy, that I need to finish clothing for. Then I have 5 dollhouse porcelain dolls that need to be wigged and dressed: Ella, Charles, Frances, Jack, and Margaret.

The red-haired Emma is the Mein Leibling reproduction 3rd from left. She is a solemn child and feels a great responsibility to look after her brother Ralph, seen beside her, who is a harum-scarum BOY who will climb trees and go out in the lake with the rowboat fishing without telling people where he’s going. Such a worry.

The doll on the far right is my Jumeau reproduction “Beulah” (my first doll) with a dress and bonnet I made for her. The little china head is from a kit I bought on sale and I made her body, dress and bloomers myself. Her name is Isabel.

The dollhouse for a dollhouse in 1/144th scale is from a kit and I have it on a small piece of wood that I landscaped with model railroad stuff–there are two z-scale people that live there. Helen and John. John has been away on a business trip and Helen was supposed to pick him up at the train station but she’s late, and she can be seen running out of the house looking for her car keys as John walks up the gravelled path lugging a suitcase. He is not pleased, but you know how scatty Helen is. He is so mad he doesn’t notice that the lilacs and bridal wreath spirea are in bloom! The dollhouse belongs to Margaret and was made by her friend Charles, the fellow who is dating her Aunt Ella.

So you see, there is a doll precedent here.

My Dad sends me birthday money so I was able to buy Rue but it’s a once in a lifetime dream these days.

Once is better than never!

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