Rue Arrives Amid Much Excitement

This is a gorgeous doll!!! It feels like something really special when you unwrap it.

Good thing I know how to sew. I just washed and rinsed some yardage of white and cream batiste that I had in my stash for lining doll clothes, so it’s ready to go for Rue.

The stand has a wonderful resin base of the yellow brick road that is very heavy and sturdy with a metal post and hard, clear plastic “seat” for the doll.

When I undressed her I didn’t find any marks, just a slight difference in colour on the vinyl over her right eye, but I’ll pretend it’s a dab of eye shadow gone astray (which it may be.) Other than that she looks great and is quite a spectacular looking woman.

Here are some pictures.

Isn’t she the most wonderful thing? I am impressed, I’ve never owned such a doll in my life. I’ll have to be careful not to muss up her lovely hair do. The hair colour is “mink” so is a dark auburn rather than the black hair that the regular Wicked Witch has. All the better for me with my love of that hair colour!

I’ve got to wait until Thursday or Friday for my pattern book to come, but she needs some nice street clothes for business. Also a necklace and some more dangly earrings. I’m glad she came with earrings so I could check the post size and it makes sure the vinyl hadn’t closed up

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