Rue Wants a Quilt

I’ve been quilting for 24 years and have made several quilts for my dolls, including tiny ones. So after struggling with a dress pattern for Rue today I got to thinking about an easier sewing project, a quilt!

Based on the conventional 12-inch block for a people quilt, and using the Diamond in the Square block, I’ve printed 63 blocks for paper piecing and think I will add a 3/4-inch border all around, but no sashing. I’ve done a mock-up of it in EQ4. This will be a scrap quilt, and while not quilted, I’ll have an interlining and backing and tack through that so the quilt remains drapable. In the past, these have worked well so I am confident it will look good for Rue.

Oh, and after enquiries I was told that the American Beauty doll I was thinking of getting to be Rue’s friend is no longer available. I couldn’t afford it anyway so maybe a used doll will turn up some day.

I’ve started cutting out the pieces for this and it won’t be too bad, just plod away and sew them in chains through the machine.

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