Decisive News on the Doll Front

After driving myself and everyone around me crazy, I decided on a second doll. I felt I really wanted one with light hair and since I couldn’t get the Luna doll at a price I could afford, I bought a Gwen Stacy doll on sale, who is a character from the Spider-Man 3 movie.

Rue suits very deep, saturated colours, but this doll will suit some of the lighter fabrics I have in my stash. Both of them wear black well so they can swap clothes made in that colour.

As I said to a friend: “I can be somewhat obsessive when single-mindedly pursuing something I have plans for. My problem is that I can’t stop the train once it gets rolling. Anyway, we are all safe now because I have no money left!”

So, forging onward with the doll clothes project. I am calling this new doll “Tansy Fitzgerald” after Zelda Fitzgerald whose art and writing I admire. So I’ve got Rue and Tansy, the herb girls.

The Adventures of Rue and Tansy. . . .

And a picture of tansy, which is really common and considered a weed by some, but I like it.

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