Reconnecting to Author Laurel Lee

It’s amazing how many people this woman affected in her life. Like others, I always wanted to know what had happened to her after she published the two books of hers I own: Walking Through the Fire and Signs of Spring.

Unfortunately, she died in August 2004, but I am trying to get hold of used copies of two subsequent books of hers: Mourning Into Dancing, and Tapestry. Just waiting to hear back from the bookseller–fingers crossed.

It’s the oddest thing, I awoke at 4 a.m. with the thought that I should do an Internet search on Laurel Lee. Funny how you feel like reconnecting to people who have been important in your life, even through books. I read many biographies, but Laurel Lee was kind of special, I read and reread her books all through my 20s. She sketched and drew and loved nature and made quilts, as well as being a committed Christian, all of which I found inspiring.

In a quiet way she changed the world and still influences people. People who make a difference–she goes into that file in my head where I keep track of that.

So, I’ll be catching up with her again.

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2 Responses to Reconnecting to Author Laurel Lee

  1. Rose says:

    I had been in touch with Laurel’s publisher (for Tapestry). She and I had been in touch during Laurel’s final days. She knew I am a big fan. About a year after Laurel died, The publisher (a husband and wife team) sent me a box of Laurel’s book, Tapestry. She had a lot left over because it didn’t sell well. Laurel was too sick to promote the book. The publisher had hoped her kids might step in and do some promotion, but they didn’t. I gave almost all of the books away to some churches and Christian friends. I have 4 left. If you’d like a book, just let me know and I can send one to you. I just finished moving into a new house recently and had been thinking about donating two of them. My name is Rosie Contreras and I live in San Antonio, Texas. My email is [edited for privacy]
    God bless!

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      Hi Rose! Thanks for your kind offer, but I have a copy of Tapestry–found the hardcover edition. I wanted it to read about her first marriage and their time in Alaska when they were young.

      SO nice to see someone else who was fond of Laurel’s writing and had contact with her. She always sounded like a great person to me.

      Every time I quilt or do embroidery I think of Laurel.

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