I Am Human, I Must Be Banned!

I have a nice set of cards of the Tao that was translated by Chao-Hsiu Chen, and I bought a translation by Jonathan Star in book form to go with it. I was browsing books online today as I often do, and came across a rather fatuous interpretation (based on reviews) of the Tao by Wayne Dyer.

Then I decided to explore what else was available by real scholars of the Tao, preferably Chinese. When in doubt it’s very simple: Chinese people understand and interpret their own culture and subtleties of language best. I came across a book I have put on my wish list called 365 Tao: Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao. Since I do daily meditations with card decks generally, I thought I’d like this. He has other books but I liked the simplicity of this which is clearly written and avoids new age thought and speech according to reviews.

Considering the number of tarot decks I own and use and study, you might think that I am a new age type of person. Actually, I have little tolerance for new age precepts and people who are ready to believe any bit of nonsense that flies about. Like other groups, new agers use collective buzzwords which seem silly to me. They tend, as all humans in groups, toward intolerance of those who do not agree with them. You will not be allowed to join them or speak, despite their oral devotion to “bright blessings” and “love and light,” unless you believe what they believe in. It’s a narrow world; I prefer a more expansive view of being human.

My view on humanity is fueled, not surprisingly, by a devotion to the Humanities. It’s not cool these days, but so what, I have never been cool in my life, I figure I’m batting a thousand clichés of uncool. In the Humanities, there is room and freedom for the human mind, for the expansiveness of the human spirit and spiritual connection, for learning, philosophy, music, for literacy, language, history, and art; for enhancement and development of all the gifts and talents that humans are given. Could there be anything more exciting? Could there be anything more geared making you feel like the entire Universe is available to you?

We are HUMAN. What a delightful, unending opportunity!

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