Poetry on Cards

I have enjoyed using my antique New York postcards with quotations so much, that I decided to make myself a deck of cards using poetry snippets. I felt like some fiddling in Photoshop and I didn’t want to waste paper, so I’ve designed small postcards that fit four to a page. I’ll print them out on matte photo paper.

I am using clip art with textiles and anything else I think of. I’ve got a tremendous collection of clip art in both vector and raster format to use that I’ve been collecting for nine years and have all kinds of different things.

The idea of this is to go fairly fast and design four to six cards per day, and print them in increments of four. I don’t want to overthink them, because they are to use randomly with my daily draws. I’ve got crop marks and extra room for a full bleed, so the designs will be right out to the edge of the paper.

Years ago I did daily draws with the Poet’s Corner Knowledge Cards and the Thoth deck. I found it so inspiring and my creativity soared. This way I get to create the cards, pick the poetry, and then pick a card to use with another card. I have a huge collection of poetry and anthologies too. Now is my chance to use Plutarch!

Here is my first one with part of a poem by Maya Angelou, done with a pattern of Indian or Persian textile, and a background gradation.

And here are the first four cut out. Not perfect, but I like their spontaneity and brightness.

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