Moths and Beads and Getting Back to Work

I have been working on this design for some time, it was inspired by a particular moth, and by my friend Steve Bright’s artwork. He was very generous in giving me permission to use these and I love the personality of his design of The Lady, as I call her.

I think creative people find that they will start a certain project and get stuck. This was one such project for me, and I was surprised because I had it all worked out in my mind but when it came time to start the embroidery I froze up. I think it’s perfectionism rearing up once more.

When I started working on this again I decided to go with what came forth each day. I will try a few things out, decide what will work, and then do that section. If I consider the whole I feel overwhelmed at the possibilities and freeze up, so this is working for me.

Here’s a snap of some possibilities for today. I have two more cabochons to use for spots on the wings, but the rest of it will be small beads. I made a whack of tiny cardstock boxes to hold beads, and they work well for me.

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