Various Cranes

I have a number of decks with cranes depicted in them, and I have a piece of clip art from the book Art Nouveau Designs by Pepin Press, that has a crane motif on a door panel.

I was messing around with the crane and decided to do one up in coloured pencil on a scrap of Arches 140 lb hard pressed watercolour paper. I was going for a complementary colour scheme of deep orange and blue and then added some fuchsia. I was using Prismacolor and Verithin pencils. Thank goodness for Verithins they are great for small details like this, nice and sharp and hard.


I like it, it has zip and I’m comparing it to a lovely crane card from my Bird Signs deck (this crane is shown with one of my hand collaged revamped playing cards.)


So a little dance with cranes. This got me to buy a lightbox after I’ve been wanting one for years and then I cleaned up my clip art books and tidied my drawing desk.

I’ve got this neat picture planned with a Biedermeier sofa on some more of this Arches paper that I like. I just need to get the graphite hardness/softness right. Then there is my picture of a walnut and rue plant and a suggestion of manuscript illumination.


I had a bunch of Country Living magazines going back 20 years and I had no room to store them any more, so I clipped all my favourite photos from them and keep a large reference file of furniture and decorative objects for artwork inspiration.

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