Bookbinding for Art Journal

Now I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about making an art journal with sewn pages and binding with a suede wraparound cover. Someone sent me some scrap suede (looks like it might have been a pant leg and skirt at some point) that’s light enough and I can paint on it too and I would just like to do this, but I can’t find instructions.

Anyway, the idea is to use it to do a visual art journal about 6 x 8 inches to respond with drawings and small paintings to The Tower card in various decks. Someone asked me if I’d like to do that with her so I was keen on and then thought it might be the impetus to make a special journal and put all kinds of paper and stuff in it.

Upon looking up papers at Curry’s Art Store I think I might mix Stonehenge Printmaking paper with a little of this and that. I’m a bit lost. This would be my first sewn bookbinding project and I always seem to jump ahead of my skills but I know what I want and just have it in my mind.

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