More Art Journal Stuff

I have journals that I’ve redone the covers on. I discussed that in these posts:

My regular handmade art journal is an accordion style one using olive green Canson Mi-Teintes paper.



The pages are only 3 x 5 inches so I want something bigger for this new journal. I wanted to try a square format with some sewn Stonehenge paper. I don’t have enough money to buy a whack of Stonehenge for larger signatures, so I’ll probably add some Mi-Teintes to this one too. I’m think I’ll go for 7 x 7 inches with this wraparound suede case. I want to try painting on the suede.

I have to cut with the long grain for folding so I can’t get as many pieces from a large piece–only 4 double pages per sheet. My accordion journal is cut with the grain on the short side, which is a no-no, but in a small size it doesn’t seem to affect things. I can’t do that for this sewn book though.

When creating things, sometimes there are no instructions, you just have to experiment and try things, which is really what the project is about. Just messing around with stuff.

This is a picture of the suede remnants my friend sent me. They have seams but I don’t care I want to paint and use it for this small journal–the leather has been thinned down so it feels like heavy cotton. I can probably paint on suede with Setacolor fabric paints, and I have lots of them, but you have to bake it for 5 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit to set the dye–I’ll have to experiment with and see if it can be done on a scrap piece. If it doesn’t work I’ll try to use thinned acrylic paint.


The suede is beige with a slight pinkish tone and I’m using cream, fawn, grey, warm white Stonehenge, and then some sand-coloured Canson paper with Canson burgundy endpapers. It should look nice and if I pick up those colours in the painting it will be really special I think.

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