Thing 1

I am calling these practice journals Thing 1 and Thing 2 after the characters in The Cat in the Hat.

Painting on the suede didn’t work so I used permanent marker on Thing 1, which worked very well. I used scrapbooking paper for the endpapers–using up some leftovers, but glued a leaf from the front one on the back to relate them together. I made a few mistakes in the cover–it’s not quite square–but that’s why I’m doing these practice journals.

This particular one has six holes or stations on the spine, and five signatures of six folios, for a total of 60 pages. The other one I’m working on has seven signatures. The paper I used for both is a grey parchment paper left over from my Mom’s funeral 16 years ago and is 24 lb.



The bird was done from a piece of clip art from the Masterclips collection. She has a friend on the back cover.

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