Markers, Suede, and Poetical Biography

I was going to try and buy some FabricMate markers to paint on the suede cover for my journal but I really don’t have the money, so next I’m going to try using a diluent with acrylic paint–I have a bottle made by the Plaid people that should do. That should at least make the flow better and also allow some transparency which is more the effect I want. I’m trying it on scrap suede first.

I also changed the colour of the Canson Mi-Teintes paper to light blue. I’m mixing a few folios in of that but I don’t have a big sheet to cut the longer width so the sheets will be about 1-inch shorter widthwise than the Stonehenge paper, and the folded grain will be wrong but it’s only for two or three folios. OR, I could fold it on the grain and get a 4.5-inch wide sheet. That might be interesting to work with in a journal anyway–like small jewels nested in the Stonehenge folios.

Fortunately, the endpapers are in Canson burgundy and I do have enough of that paper to cut the grain properly for folding.

I just feel that creativity should not be about getting the perfect, expensive supplies, but making do and being creative with what you have.


While I was going through Poetry Corner on my bookshelves yesterday and finding a lovely poem by Robinson Jeffers for the Towers journal, I decided that I’d like to read a biography of Dylan Thomas, so I ordered one on interlibrary loan. I decided to get the one by Andrew Lycett that was published in 2005.


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