Fonts Away

When in doubt about what to do on a Sunday, download a new font browser.

I tried a couple of font browsers that didn’t work well, and finally settled on Font Viewer which seems to work fine on my system and previews all kinds of fonts rather than just True Type fonts. As well as cleaning up my own archive and deleting 290 useless fonts, I uninstalled more than half the fonts in Windows, and installed some old favourites and new ones in different styles. I was frustrated with all these odd, useless fonts that had installed automatically with programs, that I felt I had to tidy and organize this, so I took some time and did that.


My eye is more discerning than it was years ago, and I no longer download fonts just because they’re free. In fact, I’m pretty boring these days and mostly use classic fonts. Arial is my favourite font. I told that to a graphic designer once and he roared with laughter. I don’t care, it’s my favourite.

What got me going on fonts today was doing my mock-up for the Towers Art Journal. I have glued the suede cover on, and I’ve got a tentative design for the cover from part of a piece of clip art melded with a clip art frame. I still have to redraw it and simplify it somewhat but here’s the journal. Beside it is the companion journal where I’m making notes for sketches and motifs related to the large journal. As you can see, Henrietta has a lot of things to say about that. “Cheep, cheep.” She is still upset with me for cutting her cover a bit short, but she rallied when we started discussing Robinson Jeffers and his poem To The Stone-Cutters that I’m using in the large art journal.


So, a bit of fiddling with the cover and the closure, and then I can glue the mini cards onto the endpapers and label them in gold ink, and then I can start on the inside of the journal.

And that’s my exciting Sunday.

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