Tarot Towers Art Journal Finished

Well, it’s sewn and bound into its cover, and the closure and endpapers are done. I still have to fill it with artwork.

After collaging and pressing the endpapers for five days, I put the ribbon and beads on for the closure. I used double buttons so I could anchor the ribbon and thread and the paper beads are ones I made from my friend Steve’s gorgeous floral designs. There is a small pewter dragonfly on one ribbon, as I thought it went well with the florals in the beads and my illustration on the flap.

The small journal with Henrietta the bird and her friend Percy, is being used for sketches and notes related to the larger tarot journal. I often come up with ideas and snippets of poetry, and if I don’t write them down right away they disappear from my mind. I already lost a good idea about floating people and grotesques in a border because I didn’t take the time to write it down. Rats, or were they headless fish?

My theme is generally related to the Medieval and Renaissance periods, with layout, text and artwork inspired by my collection of books on illuminated manuscripts and history. Don’t hold me to that though, I do what I like which is part of what journalling is about for me: my response at particular times. I don’t like constraints and rules.


I got a few stray bits of gel medium on the endpapers when collaging, but I camouflaged them somewhat with a black Verithin pencil. It’s hard to get things perfect when gluing, such is the happy chaos of a visual art journal. As yet, I don’t have an archival gold pen for inking the titling under the tarot cards on the endpapers, but I will do that later.



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