Jumping Jack Joyce

The preparations continue! I was thwarted by the prices and shipping of the available James Joyce finger puppet and the James Joyce action figure, so I found a pattern and instructions online for a jumping jack and modified it in Photoshop.

I like to have little figures when I’m reading something, similar to when I bought the action figure of General Patton and his dog Willie when I was reading his biography and the Patton on Leadership cards. As I read, I use the figure in vignettes related to the tangents I discover in reading. Sure, everybody does that, right?

I used my magnificent new light box to trace a photo of Joyce to get his face drawn, and I put a nice clip art suit, tie, and brogues on him with some modifications. I also downloaded covers of Homer’s Odyssey by four different translators, so that Jumping Jack Joyce would be able to have the fun of comparing translations. Everyone needs a book.

I’m not really making him into a true jumping jack, he’ll be more like a jointed cardboard figure. I’m gluing him to archival Bristol board and then I can cut him out and put him together with the small gunmetal-coloured paper fasteners I have. I knew those would come in handy.

Here’s an interim snap of him ready to glue.


Would you believe that this little project took me about eight hours to do? Joyce insisted on custom clothing and shoes though, so that took some time. Here he is holding onto his four copies of The Odyssey. There’s no stopping the guy once he gets going on comparison of translations.



Keep on truckin’ Mr. Joyce.

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