New Quilting Books

I was cataloguing my quilting books yesterday and I found a couple of books that looked interesting so I requested them on inter-library loan:

Quilts from the Civil War by Barbara Brackman
Civil War Women by Barbara Brackman

These two are out-of-print now and I would have loved them for my Civil War collection. I hope the library can get them for me. [Unfortunately they were unavailable in my library system. Rats.]

15 Two-Block Quilts: Unlocked the Secrets of Secondary Patterns by Claudia Olson
Simple Quilts that Look Like a Million Bucks by Nicole C. Chambers
Stitch ‘n Flip Quilts by Valori Wells
Circle Play by Reynola Pakusich
French Braid Quilts by Jane Miller

I nearly bought the French Braid Quilts book for my birthday once. Some of these technique books are too easy for me now but if I get them from the library I can jot down a few notes and get some ideas, plus the eye candy is wonderful.

I also put a history book on hold, so will get that this week: The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort 1750-1950 by Roderick Kiracofe and Mary Elizabeth Johnson. I have previous books by both these authors that I enjoyed so I expect this will be good.

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