The Pen Tarot and The Mystic Rubaiyat

I wasn’t able to afford the Majors-only Pen Tarot, but I do have Penelope Cline’s previous deck The Mystic Rubaiyat, which is one of my favourites. While it does have echoes of tarot archetypes in it, that isn’t the main focus, and the paintings are beautiful.

I was browsing this morning and saw some comments on the Pen Tarot, so that made me reflective. I pulled up some of Penelope’s other art on the web, and found it staggering to see her experience.

Drawing and painting figures is something I aspire to but haven’t bothered to practice. When I see an artist like Penelope, who also does printmaking which is something I know I have no patience for, I find it inspiring. I tried silk screening in school and linoleum cutting a few years ago and the printmaking process is messy and very, very hard to get right. I’m boggled when I see that people can actually do this successfully.

I wish more decks were created by talented people like this, instead of the copycat scan, collage and publish crowd. The Mystic Rubaiyat was a one-time magical purchase. I could never afford such a thing again, but it melded literature and art together–pretty irresistible for someone like me whose entire life is focused on books.

Hmmm, I’ll have to see about figurative work. You never know what will happen when a gifted artist inspires you.

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