Let’s Try to Finish One

While browsing through my stash of unfinished quilt projects I discover:

– I have 7 unfinished quilt tops to baste together and quilt.
– I have an 8th top pin-basted and one block machine quilted.
– I have a medallion that I was going to use as a topper over a bedspread that wants to be expanded into a full quilt top.
– I have many 10-inch star blocks and a medallion centre that I traded for with a friend.
– I have 12 Sunbonnet Sue (!!!) blocks; some are appliquéd and some are not.
– I have several traded blocks and several pieced and several unfinished appliqué blocks for a red-themed quilt.

On the burner of my mind is also a Dublin-themed quilt that I’m going to make as a tangent to reading Ulysses by James Joyce. I fancy hand painting appliqué for this. I was planning on using cut chintz but it’s way out of my budget so I’ll paint some flowers to go with a two-block quilt and kind of morph it all together for this.

I have decided to use up more fabric by piecing the backs of quilts in large swatches and random unfinished blocks, rather than buying new fabric.

Whew, that makes 13 quilts to sew up and finish. Getting overwhelmed, I decided to start with one, so I’m finishing the appliquéd vine on the topper and I’m fiddling around with graph paper to design a larger quilt and decide what blocks to make etc.

And here it is. Several of the blocks were ones I traded with women who had trade listings in Quilt magazine back around 1990-91. The small Propeller blocks were started for a baby quilt, I can’t even remember why, but they ended up here and I have one left to work into the scrap backing.


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