More Unfinished Beauties

While rooting around my unfinished blocks for more appliqué to finish, I came across two blocks with bias strips that I didn’t finish. Now the strips need to be ironed flat again and I’m missing a couple of strips but I think they’re in a large box of scraps. They are all wrinkled and such a mess. Oh brother, it’s like a mountain to cross but I am determined to complete these.


I also came across a nice block I had designed myself in colours I really like (see far right of picture), so that should be easy enough to complete. I love appliqué, but it hurts my tendinitis that I can only do about an hour each day.

I’ve got two days left of work on the other vine I’m sewing down before that is complete and ready for pieced corners.

Interestingly, I did a search on the Internet for pieced quilt backings and then did up a montage of different examples. This is very doable and looks nice if you coordinate leftover blocks and fabric from the front, so I was encouraged by that.

In this photo you can also see two hand sewn Hands All Around blocks and a hand sewn Dove in the Window block. Two of my favourite patterns for hand sewing.

And for some reason, I think because the pattern reminded me of cloche hats from the 1920s and my Mother, I made up 12 Sunbonnet Sue blocks back in the 1990s. I still have four to appliqué, but then I’m kind of stumped on how to use them. I don’t want a twee looking quilt.


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