Use It All Quilt Block

This is my first Use It All block. I have just enough of the fabric in the centre for three blocks and after that I have to find something else, but I love that fabric. I bought a fat quarter of it to use for lining a tarot bag and I wish I’d bought more.


I made a 16-inch block which is huge but the block has 53 pieces so can stand nicely at this size. These blocks would make a gorgeous scrap quilt on their own.

I received three of the quilt books I ordered on interlibrary loan, and while they had great ideas, they all called for buying huge amounts of specialty fabric. I don’t have room for more stuff, and I honestly prefer making scrap quilts. I like doing samplers of different sizes of blocks, both machine and hand-pieced, and then fitting them together. I like to follow a block pattern, but after that I like doing my own thing.

This block is so pretty; I’d forgotten how pleasant making a quilt block can be. I must forge on and complete more of my projects and have fun with all the lovely fabrics I have.

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