The Bloomsday Quilt

I am finally getting somewhere with this after sewing six blocks. Here is a photo of the completed blocks and the current layout without the Art Nouveau appliqué that’s going in the lower left-hand corner. The Bloomsday Quilt was inspired by reading Ulysses by James Joyce.



I also finished the four Use It All blocks for the corners in the purple topper I am expanding.


I’ve got some commissions to do so will need to slow down a bit on the quilting, but it’s been fun to cut and piece again.

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2 Responses to The Bloomsday Quilt

  1. patchworkmaniac says:

    They certainly are beautiful blocks – well done.

  2. JJ ColourArt says:

    Thanks! I’ve really been enjoying using up some fabrics and using the odd bit of fabric from older quilts or quilts I’ve given away as gifts.

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