Double Irish Cats

I have been sick so not up to much.

This is a quilt top called Double Irish Cats that I sewed back in 1985 when I was commuting on a bus to downtown Toronto for work. It was two hours each way and I needed something to do on the bus and during my lunch breaks, so I taught myself to hand piece using these simple squares.

I used a picture of a porcelain cat from Country Living magazine to draw up an appliqué pattern for the cats, and in the tradition of sampler quilts, I added a few other blocks here and there to bring the quilt up to full size.

Now I need to quilt it along with about 13 other tops. I made this in the days when I could still hand quilt, but I will be quilting it on my Pfaff machine when I get around to it. This is part of the Five-Year Plan to get ready for retirement: I need to get these projects completed.

Somewhere in time there is a place for those of us who love red and green quilts, not to mention cats!



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