Colts Are Bolting

We finally got a picture of this flower in the local woods. It is Coltsfoot and is native to Europe, but they think it was introduced here by settlers, who brought it for its medicinal uses. The Latin name is Tussilago farfara and “tussilago” means cough suppressant. It was made into a tea to help with coughs and asthma and also made into a hard, sweet candy like a cough drop. There are still confectioners who make the candy.

It’s so nice to see tulips and daffodils coming up and the little Coltsfoot blossoms in the woods.


I took one of my sketchbooks out two days ago and glued some Japanese paper down on the first page and ruled off five sections and collaged bits of paper for borders between the sections. Then I pressed it overnight so that I could sketch in it today using some floral bouquet clippings from magazines that I had on file.

I had fun today after cleaning the sun porch and opening it up after winter. I brought my Prismacolor coloured pencils, Verithin pencils and Staedtler watercolour pencils up and just let loose with a Spring theme.


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