Synchro-Signs by Mary McNaughton

I bought these because symbols appeal to me and I have another handmade deck with symbols.

Apart from a few page shots at Amazon, there isn’t much information on the particulars of the Synchro-Signs kit, so I’m posting some photographs here.

The approximately 1-inch square (26 mm) pieces are printed on museum board which is mostly used for matting, but I’ve seen coloured pencil artists use certain brands of museum board for large pieces. It’s archival, and the back is white. It is a plied board so it will come apart if damaged. Three of the pieces I received, out of 101, were bent in two corners (probably in the packaging process) and when I tried to straighten them, the layers started coming apart.

There’s a quick fix for this: Apply a tiny bit of white craft glue to the corner with a toothpick, and a quarter-inch (5 mm) either side on the edge only. Rub it in and then bend the corner to shape it flat again, wiping off excess glue, particularly on the front where the image is. Then put the square between layers of waxed paper and put heavy books on it until the glue is dry in about an hour. The creases on the back don’t disappear, but the piece is useable and flat and the board won’t feather out and come apart. You can also use this fix if you ever damage a piece yourself; mine came out beautifully flat and sturdy after this fix and it took little time.

As you see, the pieces come in a small satin drawstring bag which is about the size of my hand. Once you take the pieces out, they go back in the bag fine, but you can’t easily fit them in the well of the box. So if you’re planning to store the set in its box, I would recommend that you remove the cardboard well entirely or you might damage the corners of the pieces.


I’ve also taken a snap with my hand in the picture so that you can accurately see the size of the pieces. Take reasonable care with these. Museum board is pretty sturdy but if your child decides to teethe on a piece, or your dog gets hold of it, or you jam them in and out of the bag, they won’t hold up.


What I liked in the book was that there is a pictorial index at the front so you can quickly scan the 101 images to find the one you’re looking for, and then get the full write-up for that piece on the page number cited in this index.

It’s a charming, well-organized, and inventive kit. It’s really great to see something FRESH being published. I will be fiddling with this on my daily card blog, Photon Stimulus, and mixing it up with disparate cards, poetry, and reading passages in my usual way.

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6 Comments on “Synchro-Signs by Mary McNaughton”

  1. I had this set for years and I really to love it. I often refer to it, at least once a month or more.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I am delighted to hear that because I rarely see it being used. I like to pair it with other cards or photographs or something like that. It is really a charming, interesting set.

  2. I know this is an older post but just wanted to say that I love this set also! Being new to divination/reading tarot cards I found this format to be easiest for me to pick up. Though I do find it difficult to do my own reading! But I’m thinking that might be the case for all types of divination?

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Hey, another person who has these!

      Yes, I find doing readings for myself…not hard but kind of pointless I guess. I do however use cards for daily draws, either single cards or more to provide insight. I found that fit into my life more easily and usefully.

      I have never used the 10-card Celtic Cross that so many use–way too much for me. My maximum would be 5 cards and I much prefer 1 to 3–it’s like a snapshot of what you need to be aware of. I find full readings exhausting.

      You might try that and see if that fits for you.

  3. Thank you! My husband and I don’t feel like where we live is really ‘home’ but we don’t know where home is. So I’m on a quest to figure out where that is. Perhaps some simple meditation would help me figure that one out, it’s a tall order! I love the idea of doing a card a day or a 3-card draw, thank you!

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Cards are really about you, not what other people or authors of particular books say, so try different things until you get something that makes you excited.

      We have lived in our house for 27 years–it never felt like home, so we are hoping our next home will be our real home. I understand exactly what you mean.

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