Custom Embroidered Bookmarks with Beaded Fringe

I made these for a customer who specifically requested some fancy bookmarks with beaded fringe to use in her books and journals.

The first one is done with a crazy patchwork theme with a silk fabric base, pewter charms and silk thread and silk ribbon embroidery. The fringe has small drop beads in an iridescent colour with some lentil beads in a garnet colour. I used a Toho bead mix for this with some added beads from my stash. I don’t use purchased fringe, I hand bead it one-by-one, just like I do on beaded necklaces. I was amazed how much weightier a bit of fringe makes a bookmark; they feel lovely in the hand.

The second one was made for an art journal, and is consequently more elaborate and large and is done on a claret-coloured velveteen. It has turquoise chips worked into the embroidery as turquoise is a relevant birthstone, and the turquoise is also worked into the fringe. I used brass stampings on this one and the silk floss leaves and silk ribbon embroidery look very lush. I even managed to get some Swarovski crystal bicones in the fringe and the iridescent glass leaves and two-tone glass daggers really make this elegant. It measures about 3 x 10 inches plus the fringe. I used two bead mixes plus my own bead stash for this one.

The third is actually my prototype, done in a celestial theme, where I worked out the methods and materials for the two fancier ones. They are all interlined with a special material and top-stitched to make them somewhat stiffer and more durable.



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