Crazy Shortcut – First Cut

Here are some shots of doing the first cut for my modified Crazy Shortcut quilt. In the book they cut four layers at a time, but I could only handle two. It still went faster than doing them one at a time, in fact the double layer held better going through the rotary cutter. I found the occasional block was 2 to 3 mm larger or smaller in spots, but in this method I don’t think that will throw the block off as it’s trimmed to size at the end, and I allowed for extra as instructed in the book, even though I changed the dimensions.



With 30 fabrics to mix and match I think this is going to take a bit of time to sort them satisfactorily. I don’t want to go hurly-burly and make a mess of things, nor do I want to overthink it and make the process stressful. I might separate them into light, medium and dark tones and then build the pieces to be sewn together from there to make sure I get enough contrast, or I might stick to straight colour coordination to mix the fabrics up.

Anyway, it will be fun. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to do things the best way. Our instant society claims that fast, fast, fast, is the ideal, but I find it rather nice to sort through fabrics quietly and slowly and just enjoy all the colours. Some of these prints have been buried in my stash for years, so I’m reacquainting myself with them. I want the finished quilt to look nice, not slap-dash and sloppy because I was focused on speed and timing. I’ve got all the time I need.

Sorting fabric on the sunporch:


All pinned and ready to sew the pieces of the first cut together:


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