Crazy Shortcut – Final Blocks

I finished them yesterday and they are definitely scrappy, but they have a quiet charm. Here is a photograph of six of the thirty blocks. You can see it’s going to be challenging to lay it out. I live in a very small house and have pets, so the other challenge is going to be to sweep and wash the living room floor and then keep the pets away while I fiddle and move and turn these blocks into a suitable arrangement.


I managed to get the spouse to take me out on the weekend and I bought the new Arctic Bamboo quilt batting that people are raving about, to use in the quilt-as-you-go method for these. It is 45% natural bamboo fibre, 45% cotton fibre, and 10% polypropylene as a scrim to hold it together. It cost me less to buy this off the bolt than a pre-packaged bag of batting so I saved about $10, which is important since the reason I’m making this quilt is because I don’t have money to spend and I’m trying to use up lengths of older fabric.

I can’t wait to see this in a full quilt with the joining strips and backing, but that’s going to take months. I haven’t quite decided what quilting motif to do. I will probably draw up a vaguely circular leaf design and go with that. I don’t want to fuss with marking, and I’m not doing the machine embroidery on the seams as described in the book.

This is really going to be a nice puttering project over the summer, and who knows, maybe I’ll zoom along and get it done in a couple of months?

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