Unfinished Business

A few months ago I got the urge to finish some quilt blocks that had been languishing for twelve years. If they had been completed tops or quilts I wouldn’t have worried so much, but no one else but me would have bothered to fiddle and finish them, so I thought some energy to complete them was needed.

They are all done except for one Celtic themed block made with bias strips that I’m working on this week, and I’m going to make two quilt tops from them after sewing new blocks. It’s a plan. It’s a plan I’ve had for at least twelve years and one of these days I’m going to finish everything and pull it all together. Sweet.

It sometimes bothers me to go back and pick up old projects, the spectre of regret and unfinished business does have a touch of sadness at the beginning. As I work and make newer memories with these pieces, they become part of the present and new plans, and the sadness dissipates.

Here’s a picture of a group of red-themed blocks that are going to go in a sampler quilt I have planned to go with a red Adirondack chair I have. My Mom sat in it when she was pregnant with me, and my brother took it apart and refurbished it after she died. I’m doing a lot of hand piecing and appliqué for this.





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2 Responses to Unfinished Business

  1. Mary says:

    I have a quilt I need to finish. Reading your post made me think of it once again. I like your blog…you are very talented and I will be sure to check out some of your older posts.

  2. JJ ColourArt says:

    Hi Mary,

    I tried to do paste papers for a recent handmade journal I made but made a real mess of it. I LOVE your artwork. I have Traci Bautista’s book “Collage Unleashed.”

    Yes, take out your quilt and finish it!!! Put it on your blog, I’m sure people would love to see this other side of your work and see you reconnect to it and complete it.

    As I said, there can be a rather sad or regretful vibe to such things when you take them out again. I was overwhelmed when I took my unfinished blocks out, but just took them one at a time until they were done. Now they are all fresh in my mind and part of current projects rather than old unfinished things stuffed in a cupboard.

    This is good for the soul, good for creativity, and a gentle reminder of who you used to be that can be incorporated into a newer you.

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